Wind Blown, Framed and Signed Art Print by Christine Rosamond


Beautiful art print by Christine Rosamond depicting a woman caught in the wind.

California Artist Christine Rosamond, a self-taught artist, exhibited her first two paintings in Los Angeles in 1972. Within six months she would achieve national acclaim. She soon became the most published artist in the world, surpassing even Norman Rockwell and Salvadore Dali. And yet, her name is not nearly as well-known as many of the artists she has surpassed in print. The artistic legacy of Christine Rosamond is a body of work which eloquently expresses the essence of femininity with a simple charm and beauty that can only originate in the heart of the artist. We can only wonder what further joys she might have brought us. On March 26, 1994 the world lost this very talented and treasured artist on the Pacific’s rocky coast. Christine had drowned while swimming off Carmel with her daughter. The world, indeed, has lost a gem.

There is some dirt behind the glass as can be seen in photos.

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