NUE, Framed and Signed Lithograph by Hilda Rindom


Hilda, a Catalog listed artist, was born in Cuba from European parents who immigrated to Cuba and then later moved to the U.S. She is now a U.S. citizen. Hilda has attended some of the finest art schools, but has been mostly self taught. Her work has been selected many times to be exhibited in fine art galleries in Europe. Hilda has painted with all mediums, but her love is with “oils”. Hilda’s love of people led to her portrait work. She prefers to do Impressionistic Artworks like this one, especially work she calls “art with humor”. She loves color so it is always emphasized in her paintings. Hilda’s works have been published in five different countries: France, Holland, Germany, Sweden and the United States. Hilda has studied the art of many different countries and has painted in many different styles, but her love remains with French Impressionism: This Nude is a vivid proof. What this really means is that Hilda has a Universal appeal throughout the World. Hilda just loves to paint, in her own words “I Live to Paint”. Hilda’s works are now available in Lithographs, Serigraphs, Limited Editions, Open Editions and now Giclées, so this is one of the few originals available right now. Hilda’s works are in the collections of many international corporations and private individuals. 

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