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Dive into the heart of the Sunshine State with our Iconic Florida Vintage Decor collection. At Dolphin & Flamingo, we capture Florida’s spirited essence uniquely. We offer a broad range from antique to modern decor, reflecting Florida’s eclectic vibe. Additionally, we source every item statewide, ensuring each boasts its own charm and story.

Pieces that resonate deeply with Florida’s iconic culture fill our selection. From mid-century modern lamps to ornamental handcrafts, we offer richness and variety. Furthermore, our collection honors Florida’s diverse landscapes and architectural marvels, representing more than just decor; it embodies Florida’s rich history and vibrant lifestyle.

We cater to a wide variety of tastes with our selection. Meticulously selected elegant antique lighting and contemporary accents enhance any space. As a result, Dolphin & Flamingo becomes your go-to destination for decor that embodies Florida’s legendary ambiance. We dedicate ourselves to offering authentic, quality pieces that bring stories and character into your home, enhancing its appeal.

Moreover, we choose every piece in our collection with utmost care. We aim to preserve the heritage and stories behind each item, ensuring customers receive not just decor but a piece of Florida’s legacy. Whether you’re revamping your space or seeking that standout item, our collection inspires and guides you through a journey of discovery.

Embrace Florida’s lifestyle with pieces that celebrate its unmatched beauty. Our Iconic Florida Vintage Decor collection brings the state’s sunshine and charm into your home. Today, explore our curated selection to find the perfect elements that infuse your living space with Florida’s timeless allure. With Dolphin & Flamingo, every piece stands as a testament to the state’s magnificent culture and history, inviting you to begin your journey with us. Thus, transform your living space into Florida’s iconic vintage charm, turning it into a haven of warmth and history.

16ʺW × 9.5ʺD × 15.5ʺH


34ʺW × 5.5ʺD × 44ʺH


35.5ʺW × 3ʺD × 48ʺH


15ʺW × 15ʺD × 13.5ʺH


72.5ʺW × 2.5ʺD × 45.5ʺH


57.5ʺW × 2ʺD × 45ʺH


7.5ʺW × 7.5ʺD × 14ʺH


22ʺW × 1ʺD × 26ʺH


27.75ʺW × 1.25ʺD × 24.75ʺH


3.25ʺW × 3.25ʺD × 13ʺH


3.5ʺW × 3.5ʺD × 8ʺH


8.5ʺW × 11.25ʺD × 6ʺH


14.25ʺW × 1.25ʺD × 26.25ʺH


6ʺW × 4ʺD × 9ʺH


4.25ʺW × 4.25ʺD × 10ʺH


3.25ʺW × 3.25ʺD × 4.25ʺH


11.75ʺW × 5.75ʺD × 11.5ʺH


30.5ʺW × 2.5ʺD × 42.5ʺH


5.5ʺW × 5.5ʺD × 5.25ʺH